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What are the remedial measures for dog vaccine failure?

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A large proportion of dogs die from infectious diseases every year
A large proportion of dogs die from infectious diseases every year, although vaccines are now better at preventing them. But the success rate of vaccination is not very good, even if vaccinated, it may also fail, if failed, the need for relevant remedial measures.
Causes of vaccine failure
1. genetic factors
Different dogs have different immunity, even the same breed of individual dog immunity to the same vaccine is not consistent. Some dogs even have congenital immunodeficiency, which makes immune immune failure.
2. maternal antibody interference
Puppies with high maternal antibodies may interfere with the immune effect of the vaccine, while puppies with low maternal antibodies may be in the latent infection period of infectious diseases at the time of vaccination, leading to immune failure.
3. the quality of vaccine is not good.
Informal vaccines, unqualified vaccines, poor quality and inaccurate dosage can affect the efficacy and immune effect of the vaccine, and even lead to immune failure.
4. leakage during vaccination
Because of incorrect operation, the staff may leak the vaccine and make the inoculation insufficient.
Related remedies for vaccine failure
Strengthening nutrition supplements
More attention should be paid to feeding and management, with dog food, attention to protein nutrition, vitamin supplements and a variety of trace elements to adapt to reduce various stress factors, reasonable repellent, enhance physical fitness, improve the dog's disease resistance and immunity. However, it is not possible to feed unrestrained and avoid obesity in dogs.
rational use
If the disease has occurred, the corresponding treatment should be carried out according to the characteristics of the disease. Do not blindly try, rational use of drugs, drug abuse on the liver and kidney of dogs have great harm
Immunization methods
According to the immune process recommended by the vaccine instructions, and according to the epidemic situation and law of the epidemic, dog characteristics, breeding and management conditions, as well as the type and nature of the vaccine and other factors, a scientific and reasonable immune program is formulated.
Do not vaccinate.
Some owners feel sick to use the vaccine to solve, this is not correct, if the state of illness vaccination, will only have a more serious impact on dogs.
How to avoid vaccine failure as far as possible?
Understand the precautions for vaccination
First of all, the regular vaccination, and the vaccination dog's physical condition must be healthy, otherwise even the original normal dog may be infected with infectious diseases.
The new dog needs a quiet time.
When the puppies are not immune to the new environment, they should gradually adjust their diet and rest. The new puppies must be adapted to the new environment first, and after a period of time, if the puppies behave normally, they can take the puppies to the vaccination.
Vaccines need to be injected every year.
Some owners have the wrong idea that after the first year of vaccination, they will no longer have to vaccinate their dogs, but this is not true. Because the protection time of the vaccine is limited, it is time to inject the dog again to strengthen the immune effect.
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